About Us

About Us

ARP AUTOMOBILE Inc. was founded in Kocaeli / Izmit in 2000 in order to carry on business in automotive supply industry and spare parts sectors.

ARP AUTOMOBILE Inc., which takes care of planning the future with the long-term strategies, has closely followed-up the innovations by bringing a new concept to the spare part and accessory world with its designs and provided their customers with the quality products to satisfy them with its continuous development. It targeted to be the leader in the sector with its good service and quality values. It has taken care of doing its share as both investment and product range in this matter.

It came into operation by completing its 3000 m2 factory that designed in accordance with its growth capacity in coming years to make its targets more assertive and built to Polyurethane, Aluminum and Chrome accessory and spare part production in 2009.

ARP AUTOMOBILE Inc. produces many accessories and spare parts such as front protection bars, side protection bars, rear protection bars, roof stowage wells and drawbolts made by all kinds of aluminum, chrome and polyurethane materials of pick-up, SUV, jeep, heavy commercial vehicles, and light commercial vehicles as the product range.

ARP AUTOMOBILE Inc. works with the distributor companies such as NISSAN Automotive Inc. (NISSAN), TEMSA Global Ind. Trd. Inc. (MITSUBISHI), ANT Industrial and Commercial Products Marketing Inc. (ISUZU), SAHSUVAROGLU Foreign Trd. Co. Ltd. (SSANGYONG) and TOYOTA TURKEY Inc. (TOYOTA) at home. It exports many countries such as the NETHERLANDS, GERMANY, USA, POLAND, ISRAEL, SWEDEN, ENGLAND, GREECE, FINLAND, LATVIA, ROMANIA, HUNGARY, BULGARIA, SLOVENIA, RUSSIA, EGYPT, and NEW ZEALAND AND BELGIUM at abroad.

ARP AUTOMOBILE Inc. also began to the OEM production by producing the steering wheel of Autobus, Minibus and Truck groups for BMC Ind. Trd. Inc. as a result of the R&D that it carried-out by targeting the OEM production.

ARP AUTOMOBILE Inc. participated in authorized dealer network of MITSUBISHI of Temsa Global in July 2010 by providing sales, service, spare part, and second-hand services with its qualified personnel consisting of 45 people in its plans having 3000 m2 closed area in Kocaeli.

ARP AUTOMOBILE Inc. firstly received “First 100 Exporters' Champion” award in 2007 by state minister Kursat TUZMEN, who was responsible for the foreign trade. ARP AUTOMOBILE Inc. received an award by our dear Prime Minister RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN by entering into “First Fastest-Growing 25 Companies of Turkey” in 2011, as it continued its successes.

ARP AUTOMOBILE Inc. explained its business target intended to both fast and quality production with the project of “EXPORT PROMOTION PROJECT GOODS PROCUREMENT TENDER WITH AUTOMATION APPLICATION IN POLISHING AND BENDING PROCESSES” that was prepared within the scope of “Increasing Competitive Power of SMEs Financial Support Program” of EAST MARMARA DEVELOPMENT AGENCY in order to speed up the production and increase the product quality in 2012. It won the project, which would provide to reach its targets by making more and more quality production within 336.810,00 TL project budget. It also won the project called “LAUNCHING ARP’S NEW FACE” that was prepared in accordance with its Promotion and Branding target and submitted to Small and Medium Industry Development Organization within 200.971,00 TL budget in the same year.

ARP AUTOMOBILE Inc. targets to be a leading company in its sector with faster and more quality products in 2013with the investments made to the R&D studies with 168.405,00 TL budget and Promotion with 100.485,00 TL budget respectively by completing its supported projects in 2012.

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