Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

ARP AUTOMOBILE Inc. believes that the environment of one of the most important treasure to be left to the next generations in the future together with the natural resources becoming extinct, as their importance increase progressively. ARP AUTOMOBILE Inc., which acts by minimizing the potential damages to be given to the environment during all the production and action processes by behaving with the consciousness of protecting and developing the natural environment and leaving more inhabitable environment to better tomorrows, put signature to the important studies intended to reach the environmental consciousness to the masses.

As ARP AUTOMOBILE Inc., our environmental policy is

To minimize the wastes, integrate the waste management systems to the general operation, prevent the pollution in its source, use the energy productively and raise awareness and encourage our suppliers and stakeholders on the green economy and energy efficiency studies by reducing the negative effects of our activities on the environment.

Our elementary idea related to the environment is to reduce the carbon emission of the machines and equipment that we will produce, design and develop these products by prioritizing the energy efficiency of them, keep under control and minimize the environmental factors related to new processes and activities that will be developed, prefer the technologies and applications in the priority of energy efficiency, put into practice the environmentalist projects that will protect the nature and provide a positive contribution to the ecological balance, be at the fore and serve as a model in these kinds of social responsibility projects, and spread all these principles to our country and the world as ARP AUTOMOBILE Inc.

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